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    1. CONNECT
    to the true power of Raiser’s Edge so you can unleash your fundraising potential...more
    Discover   2. DISCOVER
    innovative ways to work smarter with your software and with each other to gain a real edge...more
    Build   3. BUILD
    a richer database of quality donors who believe in your cause and want to share in your success...more
    Nuture   4. NURTURE
    your people, your expertise and your tools to create a mission-driven organization that can make a real difference...more




    Data Management
    Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

    Software Management
    Unleash the true power and functionality of Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Team Raiser, Luminate Online, eTapestry, Education Edge, Online Express, NetCommunity, Mobile Pay and Friends Asking Friends

    Personal, customized consulting and training services

    Fundraising Support
    Personal support to help you build on your ability to raise more funds

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