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Sargent Solutions was built on the belief that people can accomplish great things with the right tools.

While working in fundraising for a hospital foundation, Sargent Solutions founder, Wendy Smith, discovered something important about herself. She had the ability to comprehend large-scale problems and find solutions for them.

Wendy also developed a reputation for her skill on Raiser’s Edge – the premiere fundraising software used around the world – and she found herself training hospital staff as well as other organizations on how to use the program.

After eight years with the hospital, Wendy went to work for a national charity bringing their donations to exciting new heights using Raiser’s Edge.

In 2006, she started Sargent Solutions offering services to support mission-driven organizations in overcoming their biggest fundraising challenges. Today, the Sargent Solutions team enjoys long-term relationships with hospital foundations, churches and many other organizations in North America.

The right tools for doing what is right

A personal story of determination gave Wendy insight into the importance of helping people, and her twenty years of experience as a problem-solver, database manager and professional trainer provide the tools she and her team need to help mission-driven organizations make a difference. “At Sargent Solutions, we really care about the work of charities. I think that charities want to work with a company that believes in their cause as much as they do.”

Sargent Solutions offers personal training in Raiser’s Edge and workable solutions to help you save money, organize departments for maximum efficiency, and unleash your true fundraising potential. Services and training are offered on a fee-for-project basis (no monthly fees), and provided on site or remotely to mission-driven organizations across North America.

If you are ready to utilize the power of Raiser’s Edge, contact us today.



Data Management
Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

Software Management
Unleash the true power and functionality of Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Team Raiser, Luminate Online, eTapestry, Education Edge, Online Express, NetCommunity, Mobile Pay and Friends Asking Friends

Personal, customized consulting and training services

Fundraising Support
Personal support to help you build on your ability to raise more funds

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Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

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Unleash the true power and functionality 

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Personal, customized consulting and 

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