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Now that you have invested in the software you need for your organization, it is time to make it pay its way.

Most organizations utilize only a fraction of their software – just enough to get things done, but not enough to be truly effective and productive.

Training programs provided by the software developer can be expensive.

At Sargent Solutions, we do things differently. With a background in all roles in fundraising foundations, we provide one-on-one or group training, on site or remotely, to reveal the complete functionality of your software and how to use it. We will show you innovative ways to work smarter with your software and with each other to gain a real edge. And if you need additional support or a refresher, we are a phone call away.

Utilizing your software to the max is really not that complicated when you have clarity. We love it when the light goes on. You will too!

Find out how Sargent Solutions can help you build a database of generous donors who believe in your cause.


Data Management
Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

Software Management
Unleash the true power and functionality of Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Team Raiser, Luminate Online, eTapestry, Education Edge, Online Express, NetCommunity, Mobile Pay and Friends Asking Friends

Personal, customized consulting and training services

Fundraising Support
Personal support to help you build on your ability to raise more funds

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