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December 19, 2017


Want to Transition to Raiser's Edge NXT? Let's Talk

Wendy had the opportunity to speak at BBCON in Baltimore back in October, I hope those of you who had the opportunity to attend Wendy's BBCON session came away with answers to any questions that you may have had about Raiser's Edge NXT or for those of you thinking of moving to NXT are feeling better equipped to make that decision.

If you did not receive Wendy's presentation and would like to receive it please reach out to me and I would be happy to forward it to you. In addition, if you have any questions that may not have been answered, or were unable to attend BBCON please reach out to Caroline at, she would be happy to give you some info and connect you with Wendy.



Client Corner
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December 19, 2017



Tips & Tricks
Backed by over 40 years experience the Sargent Solutions team has learned a trick or two along the way. We want the chance to share those tips with you. We will feature tips for Blackbaud Suite of products, social media hints, fundraising ideas and making the most out of your donor relationships. Keep checking back as we will update the tips ongoing.


Raiser's Edge Tips

December 19, 2017

Renaming Export Headings
To rename export fields, begin by right clicking on the name of the field you are exporting. Then click on Column Heading and name it what you want it to be in your export. This is extremely useful when exporting multiple phone types in separate columns.

Today's Date
Press F3 in any date field in RE or FE to populate with today's date. 



Financial Edge Tips

December 19, 2017

Reconciling your Bank Account


  1. Reconcile your bank account first by making sure your “out of balance by:” and “GL cash account(s) out of balance to statement by” is zero. If not, please follow the reconciliation procedures for FE to fix the problems.

  2. Press, “reconcile later “for now.

  3. Post all transactions in FE for the month you are trying to reconcile. Post all sub ledgers (Bank, Accounts Payable, Cash Management…).

  4. Go back to reconcile this account and press Filters, post status, and uncheck posted. Your screen should be blank. There should not be any “unposted” or” do not post” transactions. If your screen is not blank, then you need to troubleshoot the transactions that are on the screen.

Always reconcile after all the transactions are posted. Once reconciled, it is harder to fix the issues.





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