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Did you know that most organizations utilize only 27% of Raiser’s Edge functionality?

Our consultants are backed by 40 years of experience in fundraising and in working with Raiser’s Edge. Sargent Solutions will help you unleash the true power and functionality of this amazing software. 

We provide:

  • Training and consultation in the Raiser’s Edge.
  • Recommendations on the right configuration.
  • Installing, implementing and maintaining your database. 
  • Install, configure, recommend the right Raiser's Edge modules: 
    • Volunteer Module 
    • Events Module 
    • Tribute Module
    • Planned Giving Module 
    • Prospect / Search Module
    • EFT Module 
    • NetCommunity Spark, Grow, Pro 
    • Friends Asking Friends
    • Luminate Online and TeamRaiser
    • Financial Edge Integration 
    • Education Edge
    • Raiser's Edge NXT
    • Online Express (OLX)
  • Training and assistance on Raiser’s Edge functionality updates and new modules. 
  • Connect software to your database to enable online donations.
  • Configure MS Office, templates, excel sheets and more.
  • Install and set-up RE Mobile components.
  • Recommendations, installation and training on RE Plug-ins like ImportOMatic and VolunteerHub. 
  • Bank Reconciliation between Raiser's Edge and your accounting software.

You have invested heavily in your software. Make it work for you by pushing it to its limits.

Fundraising is never easy and the generosity of donors is critical to ensure your good work continues. Sargent Solutions can help. We will focus your fundraising efforts, engage your donors and raise more money for your organization. Contact Caroline at or 1-800-897-0112; 302.




Data Management
Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

Software Management
Unleash the true power and functionality of Raiser’s Edge, Financial Edge, Team Raiser, Luminate Online, eTapestry, Education Edge, Online Express, NetCommunity, Mobile Pay and Friends Asking Friends

Personal, customized consulting and training services

Fundraising Support
Personal support to help you build on your ability to raise more funds

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Build and maintain your database, and make everyone’s job that much easier

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Unleash the true power and functionality 

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Personal, customized consulting and 

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We are so lucky to have found you and the company.  I have worked with other database consultants, but you are by far the most knowledgeable, creative and patient.  Our partnership has made us more efficient and I am sure it has something to do with our fundraising success this fiscal year (more than 10% increase in donations over the previous year fiscal year).

Carolyn Cancela, Development and Communications Manager


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